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Suburban man with stash of weapons busted for shooting COT

Michael Bikulic Michael Bikulic

A Parma man is facing charges after police say he shot up a bar, and investigators believe it may somehow be connected to last week's school shooting in Connecticut.

Middleburg Heights Police have filed a series of charges against Michael Bikulic.

He's accused of firing shots in the early hours of the morning into Babe's, a sports bar on West 130th and police say they found a stash of weapons in his home. That stash included five pistols and two assault rifles -- all loaded.

The Middleburg Heights police chief says Bikulic lives with his mother.  According to Chief John Maddox Bikulic's mom told an officer the bar shooting might be tied to last week's mass killing of little kids.

"He asked her, why do you think he would do this? She said he was kind of despondent all day long, because of the Connecticut shootings," said Chief John Maddox.

Police have filed a series of charges and they plan to try to make Bikulic give up the weapons for good.

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