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New Developments: Suburban gunman and permit law loophole

Michael Bikulic Michael Bikulic

Michael Bikulic went before a judge Wednesday and he was sent to a psych clinic to be checked out before the case moves ahead.

Bikulic is charged with shooting up a bar in Middleburg Heights after hours and having a stash of weapon including assault rifles.

Meantime, police say he has a permit for a concealed weapon, yet he has mental issues.

So 19 Action News investigated.

We checked with the State Attorney General's office and we wee told applications include questions about mental health. And you're asked if you've ever been committed to a mental hospital or declared incompetent. There's no way to know if you're just seeing a doctor.

If you have been committed, you can't get a gun license.

The Attorney General keeps a database of people sent to mental hospitals -- sharing it with the Feds. They use the list to block people from buying weapons.

The AG's office says that database now includes 30,00 people.

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