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Some local businesses are hoping the snow will bring in the dough

Eshelman Equipment Eshelman Equipment

Eshelman Equipment in Mentor is gearing up for the first significant snowfall of the year.

Employees are repairing idle snow plows that haven't gotten a workout all season long. "Just making sure their plow is up and running, making sure it's reliable for the season," says owner Shaun Eshelman.

Eshelman tells says when it's dry outside, that means there isn't as much business. "It's been slower than last year. We still haven't gotten that rush of people yet," he says.

Word of snow coming our way is welcome news to a shop that's been around for nearly 35-years.  "The more it snows the more money we make," explains Eshelman.

Eshelman is resting up now, because when it snows he and his crew will be working 24/7. 

They are already answering triple the number of calls with the change of weather right around the corner. "We're trying to get in as many people as we can right now before the holiday comes, but, even if it does snow, Christmas day we'll be open," explains Eshelman.

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