Increase in gun sales

Increase in gun sales

Gun store owners are seeing a noticeable increase in the purchase of weaponry.  After last week's tragic event that claimed the lives of 26 at the Sandy Hooks Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, many people seem to want to get their hands on the heavy artillery that could soon be outlawed.

Mike Dawson, owner of Five Star Fire Arms in Seven Hills, says that this mimics the rise in sales after the movie theater shooting in Colorado earlier this year.

Dawson says that his customers are specifically buying guns and ammunition that may potentially be banned by the government in the very near future.  Many of the racks at the gun shop that once held several rifles, shotguns and clips of ammo are now practically empty.

Law enforcement officers frequently patronize Five Star Fire Arms but one inquiry left the store owner a little unsettled.  Apparently a caller said, "I want the same gun that killed those kids."  Dawson's first thought was, "Why? What's this guy planning?"

With recent investigations into the process that's in place to obtain a gun permit, many are demanding changes.  Some people want a ban on assault rifles altogether while others like Dawson, want to see mental health issues added to background checks instead.

Although many don't see eye to eye on how the regulation on guns should be carried out, everyone agrees that access to deadly weapons has become very easy for those diagnosed as mentally ill.

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