Dogs rescued-- suspected dog fighting ring busted

Dogs rescued-- suspected dog fighting ring busted

We've learned Cleveland Police have broken up a suspected dog-fighting ring with injured and starving dogs rescued.

Seven pit bulls were seized from a home on Huntmere. Investigators found one dog bleeding from fresh wounds. Another dog had old wounds with others found suffering in other ways, for example starving.

'5th' district officers say they found a gun and heroin in the home too. Records show the case began with a tip about guys having dogs face each other--trying to force them to fight. The dog warden thinks the dogs can be sent to safe new homes as soon as this case is over.

John Baird said, "They'll heal.  They may have some scars but we've had no problems with em. They've been interacting with our volunteers in a great way."

Some of the officers leading this investigation are the same ones who broke up a big dog-fighting ring. That raid was a year ago. A judge recently sent a man to prison and the officers have started their own group to stop dog-fighting--badges for bullies.

This case is going to a grand jury for felony charges.

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