Shurmur Prepares Browns For Broncos

The following is a transcript of Pat Shurmur's Thursday press conference, as the Browns prepare to take on the Broncos in Denver on Sunday.

(On if the Broncos' wide receivers complement each other as possession receivers)- "In terms of possession receivers? They all need to be possession receivers. That means they catch the ball. (Eric) Decker's done a nice job for them and (Demaryius) Thomas is very explosive. I think they both play extremely well. They catch the ball outside, inside and they've done a good job. They've done a really good job."

(On what difference it makes for them having Peyton Manning at quarterback)- "I don't know. I'm sure with Peyton running the offense there's some synergy there. Good quarterbacks make everybody around them better. I'm sure that can be said about Peyton. I've never really been around him, but just watching him play, the players around him play at a high level."

(On if Manning not taking many sacks throughout his career is because of his offensive line or his quick release)- "I think getting sacks and giving up sacks is a team thing. They've been very well coordinated with that they do and getting rid of the football."

(On Jordan Cameron not being on the injury report after the game Sunday)- "He came in yesterday and wasn't feeling well so he didn't practice yesterday."

(On if Cameron has a concussion)- "He came in yesterday and didn't feel well so we put him through the paces. We're treating him as though he may have one."

(On Joe Thomas' play this year)- "Joe's played well this year, he played well last year and from what I know of him, he's played well prior to me being here. He's a pro. He's a very talented guy. He's outstanding in pass protection. He's a good run blocker. He's what you're looking for in a left tackle in this league."

(On how he feels about Tashaun Gipson having to step in this week)- "I feel good about Gipson. He's done a very nice job for us in there. He communicates well. He's a good athlete. We see him intercept passes. He does all the thing you need from a safety and I'm looking forward to him having a good game."

(On how much he knew about Gipson initially and what qualities kept him on the team)- "All the things I just mentioned make him a guy that was worthy of making the team. We knew quite a bit about him. We brought him in, of course because we liked him, but then once they're here you've got to see him do it in training camp. He showed us the things we thought. He is what we thought he was, so to speak. He's done well. It's not an easy position to play, safety, because you get involved tackling, but as soon as you get too involved they throw something over your head. There needs to be some instincts there and he showed us that he has those."

(On if it is an easy transition moving from cornerback to safety like Gipson did in college)- "I don't know. There are a lot of players that go to college that end up playing a different position than what they went there as freshman. I'm sure that was a normal transition for him. There's a different skill set, really a very different skill set for a guy that plays safety and then a guy that plays corner. We feel like he's got a chance to be a good safety in this league."

(On if the Jordan Cameron's injury opens the door for Alex Smith to play tight end again)- "Alex Smith is a tight end, we just happen to play him at fullback. We'll have another guy ready to go, possibly (Brad) Smelley, who's active."

(On the kind of boost that Trent Richardson has given the run game in the red zone)- "A really good boost, quite frankly. I'm glad you asked that question because everybody's been very critical of Trent. The last time I checked, he's got the second most rushing touchdowns of anybody in the league only behind Arian Foster."

(On if he has gotten the ball to his wide receivers in the red zone as much as he wanted too)- "We'd like to just score more touchdowns period. I think we've gotten in there close where if you remember last year we didn't get them in in a situation where we felt like it was important to run the ball. This year we have so at the end of the day you want to add up the total touchdowns and score more points than the opponent. What Trent gives us is he gets in the end zone and I think that's important and that's why he gets his touches. You're always looking to score more. It's important that you get the ball to your guys. You've got to be able to establish some kind of balance, whatever we want to call it, running and passing."

(On if he stresses the importance of getting off to a good start against Denver so they are not battling back)- "Yeah, I think we've got to play well first snap to last. We've got to make sure when we have opportunities to score points we do it. I think they've scored more than 30 points in nine or 10 games this year so that's a pretty explosive offense. When we get our opportunities, we've got to make sure we make them count."

(On if it was a pleasant surprise that Phil Taylor was able to rebound from his injury and contribute)- "I'm glad Phil's back and I think he's playing better than he did last year. It's unfortunate that he had to miss half the year with that injury, but he's back going and playing well."