Murdered teen saves lives

Murdered teen saves lives

Nearly one hundred people gathered near west 76th Street and St. Clair in Cleveland Wednesday night where 18-year old Darvon Wilson was shot and killed last week.

They prayed for the victim's family during a vigil. A makeshift memorial was set up for the teen who donated organs to four people with the help of "Lifebanc."

Wilson's mother thanked the organization for all their help during this difficult time. " They helped me, and my son saved a lot of lives even though he lost his,"  says Wilson's mother Felicia Mitchell.

One person can help up to 50 people. You can sign up to be an organ, eye, and tissue donor when you get or renew your driver's license.

Police are still searching for Wilson's killer. Anyone with information is asked to call the Cleveland Police Homicide Unit at 216-623-5464.

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