The story behind local school threats

The story behind local school threats

Many local schools are dealing with rumors of violence for Friday -- the last day of the Mayan calendar -- but we've been investigating rumblings stirring up the North Ridgeville school district for weeks.

We found at the heart of a lot of fear and anger--goofy student videos and a troubling suggestion.

In one video, students are heard saying, "We go to the office and kill em all."

That ended up on Facebook and Youtube.

We hear giggling, a staged childish fight scene and a brief discussion of a plan for violence at the North Ridgeville High School office.

Two weeks ago, the videos by those kids and rumors, led the district to send out a warning to parents.

Police have beefed up security too.

But these days how do you laugh about 'any' mention of school violence? One person commented on that video, "Imagine you are now a teacher who hears that."

Parents in North Ridgeville and in every district these days are nervous about school security.

You know how cops don't even want a whisper of the word bomb at the airport? The same thing now applies with guns around schools.

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