Local group heads to Newtown to help people touched by tragedy

Local group heads to Newtown to help people touched by tragedy

A group of local youths and their chaperones are on their way to Connecticut, driving all night to take special gifts to a town touched by tragedy.

Natasha Watts has been working hard writing notes to families from Newtown packing 26 keepsake boxes with cards.  Eventually they'll contain teddy bears, candles and t-shirts to do with the hand-written cards from kids in her Victory Center youth program.

"Our job here at Victory Center is to go down there and give them some hope," she told us before they left.

As Youth Minister at the Pentecostal Church of Christ in Cleveland, she has a lot of willing hands to go on the trip.  Once the kids get out of school, they'll pack a change of clothes and head east and are due to arrive in Newtown around 9 a.m. Saturday morning.

Natasha reached out to a Youth Minister in Newtown, "Told him what we were interested in doing and how important it was to get there and hug someone, love on somebody and come on back home."

Her and her assistant, Robin are also packing information about the Victory Center in the boxes to let the people there know that they are available to talk any time and that they are thought of by people here in Cleveland.

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