Pat Shurmur Friday Press Conference

(Opening Statement)- "(Tashaun) Gipson, (Mohamed) Massaquoi and (Jordan) Cameron, I'm going to rule them out at this point. They won't even make the trip with us so I'll save you the searching on that."

(On if Gipson got hurt yesterday in practice)- "He did."

(On what Eric Hagg learned from his starts early this season)- "I think he's learned that he can play in this league. He did a good job while he was in there. He does a good job in coverage. Anytime you play for a while and then you don't play, it gives you a little better view of it while you're watching it. I'm sure he's learned something as he's prepared."

(On if ball control is more important this game than others)- "I think what's important is scoring points. I think you've got to score points however you can. It makes sense for their offense to not be on the field. I'll take it the other way, we can't have a whole bunch of three and outs."

(On what he's seen from Tank Carder)- "He's a long player. He's very physical and I think he's got pretty good instincts for the position. He's another one of those young linebackers that is going to get a good opportunity."

(On if he will try to get the ball to Travis Benjamin this week)- "He'll be out there playing, yeah. We'll have plays designed to throw it his way and we'll see if we can get it done."

(On if there is a spot for Josh Cooper this weekend)- "He'll play this weekend, yeah. Basically, he'll replace Mo (Mohamed Massaquoi)."

(On how has Jordan Norwood looked coming back)- "He looks good. He practiced all week, so we'll be able to make a decision on him next week, but he looked good. He would require a roster move to get him back up."

(On if he likes the new Injured Reserve rule)- "Yeah, for us it's played out well. We were able to use it. If there wasn't the new rule right now, Jordan wouldn't be out here practicing so yeah, I do."

(On Elvis Dumervil compared to Von Miller)- "He's a defensive end along the lines of (Dwight) Freeney and (Robert) Mathis, really pass rushers. They are stocky, they are hard to get your hands on and they are very explosive. It's going to be a big challenge for us. Von Miller is more of a linebacker type guy that you see more in coverage. They both play coverage, but that's pretty much the difference."

(On if Frostee Rucker will be good to go Sunday)- "Yeah, we're hopeful that he'll be ready."