Ravenna family loses all their belongings in fire

Ravenna family loses all their belongings in fire

RAVENNA, OH (WOIO) - Christmas lights are melted into the garland that decorated what's left of a house on S. Diamond St.

Neighbors say the place went up like a torch around midnight. A young couple and their two-year-old daughter lived in the two story house.

"Looks like they lost everything" said Kristal Razayeski, a neighbor.

Luckily the family wasn't home at the time. However firefighters think three dogs were. Since they can't account for them, firefighters are assuming they're dead.

Along with the smell of smoke in the air so is the spirit of Christmas. David Delphia owns D & C Renovations is helping by take up a collection for the family,

"We're getting like some toys, trying to get clothes" said Delphia.

"Hopefully a lot of people reach out to them and take care of them" said Razayeski.

Others are logging onto his company's Facebook page offering help and making sure the spirit of giving is alive and well on S. Diamond St. in Ravenna.

Fire crews are still trying to determine a cause.

If you would like to help this family, D & C Renovations has organized a number ways to get donations to them.  Call 330-577-6083 or send an email to dncrenovations@aol.com to get more information or simply drop your donations off at Schumann's Towing at 1350-B E. Main St.

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