Gun Control Debate

Gun Control Debate

The recent wave of mass shootings has brought the war over gun control front and center.

Local leaders butting heads tonight in a spirited debate over who, or what's to blame.

They argued about the root of the problem and what's the solution.

One thing they agreed about, this issue deserves immediate attention.

Both sides of the gun debate on 1490AM WERE, firing off bullet points in their passionate arguments for and against more control.

"The problem is deranged individuals that misuse firearms. They're not institutionalized for the appropriate amount of time," said NRA weapon instructor Luther Norman.

NRA member and firearms instructor Luther Norman supports training people to use weapons responsibly.

"So you don't become that chalk mark on the street, covered up by a sheet," Norman.

His son Lewis, is a victim of gun violence.

"They got off a few shots, and police never found who it was. I refuse to be a victim again," said Lewis Norman.

He's been carrying a concealed weapon since Ohio made it legal.

"I know the criminals out there have them. They don't care about the laws or where they can't carry them, or have them. So I'm going to do everything I can to protect myself and get through the day. I'm trying to be a grandfather one day," Norman said.

Al Porter has been to countless vigils for victims of gun violence.

"I'm always surrounded by clergy members, family members and others who end up talking people down who want to go pay back people who've murdered their loved one," said Porter.

He wants to see fewer guns on our streets, and says we needed the dialogue sparked by the Newtown massacre.

"It opened up the flood gates and caused the NRA to have to speak up, come together," said Porter.