ODOT uses more than 12,000 tons of salt

Ohio Department of Transportation District 12 crews have been working around the clock since Tuesday salting and plowing the roadways in northeast Ohio.

From Friday, December 21 to Wednesday, December 26, crews in Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga counties used approximately 12,200 tons of salt! That's 1,220 ODOT snowplow loads.

Roads are running wet and mostly up to speed Thursday. Crews will continue to work clearing snow from medians, berms and gores throughout the day.

Trucks not on the roads will be back at the garage for service. Just because our employees change every 12-hours the snowplow trucks are the same, and they sure take a beating during lengthy storms. Mechanics are on hand making the necessary repairs and tune-ups to all vehicles.

With snow in the forecast for Saturday, ODOT snowplow operators and their trucks must be ready for whatever comes our way.

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