Chardon Takes Down Ribbons

CHARDON, OH (WOIO) - A grief stricken community continues the healing process. The City of Chardon took down the publically displayed red ribbons placed around town after last year's tragedy as another step in trying to move forward.

The school massacre in Connecticut is a painful reminder for people in Chardon, who earlier this year experienced their own nightmare.

The red ribbons represent remembrance and support for those lost in the February 27th shooting. While some Chardon residents agree that it is time to move forward, others say it was not necessary.

Police say TJ Lane shot 6 students, killing three of them: Russell Kind, Daniel Parmertor, and Demetrius Hewlin. The decision to take down the ribbons was made as part of the effort to focus on remembering the 3 individuals lost, and not the tragedy itself.

The ribbons taken down will be used to create a more permanent item of remembrance for the victims' families. Community members are welcome to display ribbons on their own property as long as they wish.

The city and school district are working to form a committee that will focus on the creation of a permanent memorial for those lost.

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