Residential streets still buried in snow

Does the snow still have you trapped in your neighborhood?
Slavic Village
Slavic Village

In Garfield Hts., some neighbors on residential streets off Turney Road have been anticipating the arrival of snow plows nearly as much as Santa this week.

"They don't come around here that much," said one resident.

Some have even resorted to taking care of business themselves.

"I've seen a couple days ago, people actually around the street shoveling it," said Arianna Jackson-Daniel.

The neighborhood postman, who has first hand knowledge of the condition of many city streets, says it's finally easing up. But he'd appreciate it if people would now, clear their walkways!

"A lot of them do, a lot of them don't. The mail has to go on," the mail carrier said.

In Slavic Village, streets like Claasen and Clement have been buried for days.

"We had a salt truck come by a couple of days ago, took care of the ice," said Greg Waldron.

He says they feel forgotten.

"Always, we're always the last to get it. You got to wait on the sun, the sun will melt it.  Isn't that the way the city sees it?" he said.

And in Tremont, where so many renters and homeowners must park on the street, they say city snow plows largely ignore them.

"It's a shame. I'm sure there are a lot of older people who need to get out and see a doctor, go grocery shopping and the snow makes it a lot harder for them," said Jim Sarago.

If you are a Cleveland resident and you have snow removal concerns call 216-644-2510.

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