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Overzealous plow wipes out mailboxes

Bainbridge Township Bainbridge Township

Postal workers around Geauga County are delivering some bad news.

Several mailboxes were destroyed by snow plows in Bainbridge Township and now residents are upset because the township will only pony up $50 -- and the boxes are worth at least three times that amount!

"The mailboxes themselves are more than $150. The post itself it's mounted on is $50, so that's not going to be enough," said homeowner RJ Pollina.

In Pollina's development mailboxes must all be the same size, dimensions and the post must be the same height. 

"The road supervisor told me that is the policy $50 and that I would have to take it up with the board of trustees if I wanted to be compensated more money," said Pollina. 

RJ and others not only have to replace the box but they also have to go to the post office for the next two weeks until the new box is shipped. 

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