Akron woman fights off intruder in her own home

Akron woman fights off intruder in her own home
Robsheeta Martin fights of home intruder
Robsheeta Martin fights of home intruder

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - After fighting against an armed intruder who broke into her house Friday morning Robsheeta Martin has no holiday tale to tell.

"It was like I was fighting for my life," said Robsheeta Martin.

According to Robsheeta, who lives in Akron, the intruder came through a window as she lay asleep on her couch.

"He sat and admired me then smothered be with a pillow and threatened to shoot me in my mouth," said Martin.

And when she says she fought for her life she means it.

"He pulled my hair out I have scratches and cuts all over me," said Martin. "He stomped on me like I was nothing."

Her boyfriend was racked with guilt he was not there.

"I feel terrible. I was gone and could not have done anything," said Martin's boyfriend.

The presents for her three children were nearly ruined.

"Their bikes are broken we have no bikes, he ruined everything," cried Robsheeta.

Often times after a home intrusion the house is no longer a home because the folks inside feel violated and no longer safe and that's certainly the case here.

"I can't come back here I feel terrible. I cant bring my kids here," said Robsheeta. "But guess that I have his skin under my nails and the police are going to get you."

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