Gun bust in the heart of downtown

Gun bust in the heart of downtown

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Police say right downtown they found stolen guns in the wrong hands.

An officer on traffic patrol said he heard four gunshots, and he saw two security guards running. Moments later he pulled over a pick up at 9th and Chester.

Inside the vehicle was a semi automatic pistol and a revolver. Both were stolen.

One of which was stolen from a man during a burglary in Garfield Heights. That man was stunned when we showed up to talk to him about this.

He said, "Basically had a burglary 2 months ago. They stole my gun, and my wife's jewelry. Basically they stole the gun, and right away it hit the streets."

Investigators have started filing charges against four men they arrested in that vehicle downtown.

Police say the other gun had been stolen from Stark County.

A few weeks ago an officer downtown saw a car speeding, and he said he heard a shot. That led to a nearly 25 minute chase.

Police ended up shooting and killing that driver and a passenger. But no gun was found in their car.

This time the driver didn't run; finally, tossing the keys out the window--giving up.

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