"Uppercut" bus driver: latest on fight for job

"Uppercut" bus driver: latest on fight for job

We've learned an RTA bus driver has lost an appeal to get his job back after giving an uppercut punch to a passenger. But his fight may not be over.

Cell phone video showed RTA driver Art Hughes belting a female passenger with an uppercut. He claimed that woman had assaulted him and spit on him.

The video ended up posted online, and it went viral. Hughes got fired.

Union President William Nix says Hughes filed a grievance with RTA, but he just lost that grievance. Now the union leader tells us Hughes could file for arbitration to try to get his job back. The full union would have to decide to go along with that. A union vote has already been set.

Meantime criminal cases are moving through the courts--charges against the bus driver and the passenger. Both cases have been set for trial in the next several weeks.

Behind all this, the union and the Cleveland City Council Public Safety Committee are pushing RTA to take new steps to protect bus drivers.

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