Signs that the Cuyahoga County corruption scandal is finally over

End is near: Cuyahoga County corruption investigation wraps up

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - For more than four years, the government has been cleaning up Cuyahoga County. Putting an end to political corruption, and punishing those involved.

And now, signs that an end to the investigation is finally near.

Hundreds of headlines and dozens of arrests since federal agents raided the Cuyahoga County administration building. And the cell door should be closing on the last of those implicated very soon.

Some of the signs are obvious - like Anthony O. Calabrese III agreeing to plead guilty to many of the charges against him in federal court. The plea removes the need for a trial, and as a result, removes the need for several people convicted in the case to remain out of prison so they can aid prosecutors.

First on the list, and the one who is at the top of the heap as far as robbing the county is J. Kevin Kelley. He's been living in Florida with his family at his mother's home, claiming to be ill.

But when 19 Action News Reporter Paul Orlousky caught up with him at Hopkins Airport arriving to testify against Jimmy Dimora, he seemed fine. Calabrese had a role in winning money for Alternatives Agency. Boss Brian Schuman then kicked back to Calabrese. He's not been sentenced yet, but just before Christmas made a $10,000 deposit on his restitution. He's going soon.

Also likely to go soon are former Lakewood Mayor Anthony Sinagra and Engineer's Office boss Daniel Gallagher. Lorain Development Director Sanford Prudhoff, too. All have pleaded guilty to working illegal schemes with Calabrese.

Another sign that the corruption saga is ending is that FBI Agent Christine Oliver has been transferred. She was in the foreground investigating Jimmy Dimora.

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