2013: Keeping your resolutions

2013: Keeping your resolutions
Working out, New Years resolutions
Working out, New Years resolutions

WESTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - It's a top promise every year: hit the gym, and get in better shape in the new year.

But, how do you make your resolution to "work out", well, "work out?"

The odds are certainly against you. Fitness experts say only about 20% of people who make this resolution are successful at keeping it.

If you hit the gym equipped with a couple of things in mind, you'll end up on the right end of that statistic.

Expect crowds at your local gym or recreation center, it's resolution season now.

But if you want to see your resolution through, health and wellness experts say begin by becoming familiar with your facility's equipment.

"Seek some knowledge, like with a trainer. Research some things on the Internet, there are lot of things out there. There are people here as well to get you started on something," said Anne Mitchell, the Health and Wellness Manager at the Westlake Recreation Center.

Anne says start small in both intensity and the kinds of exercises you do.

"Whatever those goals are, gain strength, lose weight -- you need to have goal oriented works outs so you can see that. But you need to take into consideration that its not going to happen overnight," said Mitchell.

"In a month I'd like to do the 12 laps, so that would be a mile. I haven't done anything like that in a long, long time," said new Recreation Center member, Mary Kovach.

Ken Alderson has been faithful to a resolution he made 40 years ago. He says the key to his success is working toward something.

"Since I retired in '97 I've been racing cars and I know I have to be in shape to do that, so I stay in shape," said Alderson.

And having a work out buddy, someone else to be accountable to, also increases success rates.

"We haven't done anything together for a long time so it's out new years resolution to do something together," said Kovach's husband, Ed.

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