What to do when you get the flu

What to do when you get the flu

Your first thought when you get the flu is most likely; when will I feel better?

The general answer to that question is in about a week. Your next thought may be to isolate yourself from the rest of your family to keep them from getting the flu, but don't bother, that's a myth, according to Dr. Charles Emerman of Metro Health Medical Center.

"It's probably not going to help, the fact of the matter is you are infectious for two days before you show symptoms," said Dr. Emerman.

In other words, when someone in the house gets the flu, watch out. Disinfecting the room and all those similar steps, forget it, it's too late to help. There are some things, however,  you can do to help, like using a humidifier.

"The idea is lots of fluids, you get a lot of mucus so anything that increases the amount of fluid is good, so humidifiers won't hurt and they might make you feel better," said Dr. Emerman.

Dr. Emerman says it's the tried and true basics to try and give yourself a little relief. "All of the other home remedies are interesting, but it's fluid, Tylenol and rest."

The flu can be dangerous so you should watch for a cough or fever that lasts more than a week.   Chest pain or shortness of breath can be signs of pneumonia and should be checked out with your doctor.

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