Lawsuit: "Concerted Cover-Up" with violent arrest

Lawsuit: "Concerted Cover-Up" with violent arrest
Edward Henderson
Edward Henderson

19 Action News has learned of new developments with a violent arrest by Cleveland police caught on camera.

A civil lawsuit has been re-filed with claims of a police cover-up.

The lawsuit surrounds an incident from New Year's Day 2011.

Edward Henderson lead police on a long chase, even driving the wrong way on the highway. But during the arrest, Henderson got roughed up and kicked. The incident was captured on video from a Cleveland police helicopter.

Henderson went to prison, and lawyers filed a lawsuit claiming excessive force.

Now the suit has been expanded with new complaints of a quote "concerted cover up." The suit says no one has identified a single officer who used force on Henderson.

Attorney David Mali is representing Henderson and the family of one of two people killed by police after a recent chase.

This lawsuit is asking for money but Malik says there's another goal.

He told 19 Action News, "the complaint speaks for itself. It's all about reforming the police department."

City Hall does not make public comments about lawsuits and the officers directly involved in the arrest all have attorneys.

The feds opened a criminal investigation with a grand jury, yet nothing's come of that.

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