Editorial: Browns Coaching

WOIO Editorial: Browns Coaching

The carousel that has been the Cleveland Browns during the past decade continues to go round and round with the painted ponies going up and down.

On New Year's Eve, yet another Browns coach bit the dust -  Pat Shurmur becoming the fifth head coach sacked by the Browns in the past twelve years. Also fired was General Manager Tom Heckert. Those guys don't last long in Berea either.

Yes, new owner Jimmy Haslam has every right to pick his own staff especially after paying a billion bucks for the team. But he can't expect Browns fans to necessarily rejoice at the prospect of yet another re-build of the hapless Browns.

The owner is now said to be chasing hot prospects among college coaches. Well, I have two words in response to that news: Butch Davis. Anyhow, what goes around comes around especially for the orange and brown.

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