Editorial: East Cleveland - over the cliff

As Washington grappled with how to keep our nation from going over the fiscal cliff, a local community is facing its own plunge into an economic abyss.

East Cleveland has been treading water for decades. And a few months back, the city was placed under fiscal emergency. But that hasn't stopped Mayor Gary Norton from seeking some $5 million to pay for more police.

Now, we're all for more cops on the street, but city council's proposal to cut the mayor's budget 25% -- makes more sense for a city that's already $8 million in debt.

And, for a city of just 17,000 citizens, East Cleveland has had its share of dubious headlines in recent years including one mayor caught taking bribes and another one caught posing in women's underwear.

What it doesn't need is the current mayor steering the troubled community over the financial cliff.

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