Unseen Video: New deadly Cleveland Police chase video released

Unseen Video: New deadly Cleveland Police chase video released
Deadly Cleveland police chase
Deadly Cleveland police chase

EAST CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News has obtained new video of a controversial police chase in November, that ended with officers, shooting and killing a driver and his passenger.

The video is raising new questions about why so many police cars joined that chase.

The scene was captured by RTA cameras.

The dramatic video shows dozens of police cars all trying to stop one driver. In one clip, the line of police cars goes on nearly a minute and a half.

The chase went on for nearly 25 minutes.

We showed the video to an uncle of the passenger killed. "That's outrageous. Ludicrous to think they had all those cars chasing one car," said Walter Jackson.

It began when an officer downtown saw a speeding car and said he heard a shot.

It ended in East Cleveland.

13 officers fired 137 shots killing the driver and passenger. Malissa Williams was shot 24 times and Timothy Russell was hit 23 times.

No gun was ever found with the suspects.

State agents are investigating.

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