Can food fight the flu?

Can food fight the flu?

It is a miserable feeling, worse knowing no matter what you do the flu is going to hang around about a week. So what can you do, if anything, to ease the suffering from the flu?

"Well, my Grandmother said chicken soup will help so I always would believe my Grandmother," joked Metro Health Medical Center Doctor Charles Emerman.

Dr. Emerman is seeing plenty of flu cases at Metro and eating chicken soup to help with the flu is not a total joke.

"Many people get dehydrated when they get sick, they have a fever that increases that fluid loss so anything that increases your fluids is good for you, and the chicken soup it's fluids, it's protein, and it's going to make you feel better," said Dr. Emerman.

Chicken soup is obviously not a cure, there is no cure for the flu, but there are other foods that can help you feel a little bit better.  Citrus fruit, oranges and grapefruits, are rich in vitamin C and help boost your immune system and some believe that will help you fight the flu just a bit better.  And yogurt works much like citrus, by boosting the immune system and the healthy bacteria in yogurt, some researchers believe, will reduce your respiratory distress.

There is research that claims ginger will ease headaches and muscle aches. You can try it in your tea.  And curry powder, some believe, acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Dr. Emerman, however, says your best bet is water, Tylenol and rest.

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