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Police union leader defends cops after new video surfaces of deadly chase

Surveillance video of chase Surveillance video of chase

Security video of a Cleveland police chase that turned deadly shows dozens of officers chasing one car.

Reporter Ed Gallek just got back from talking to the police union leader, and he is defending the chase. 

The line of flashing lights never seems to end. Dozens and dozens of marked and unmarked police cars are all chasing one car. Police even crowd the street. The chase ends with officers firing 137 times, killing Timothy Russell and passenger Malissa Williams.

Police have said they heard a shot from the car earlier and saw what appeared to be reloading, but no gun was found at the scene. 

The head of the police union says when he saw this video he "wasn't stunned." He says he believes the officers acted in "good faith" and thought they had an active shooter or two in that car.

"They were responding to what an officer saw was shots fired at the officer or in the area, so in their perspective they had an active shooter," said Cleveland Police Union President Jeff Follmer.

"We're safe in numbers," Follmer added. "Everybody wants to go home at night. Even the citizens not involved in this chase want to go home safely."

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