There is nothing like nice looking nails, but that costs money and time. Something a lot of people don't have.

However, one nail kit called Sensationail, claims to provide two weeks of damage proof wear in three easy steps. No chips, no smudges, cracks or dulling. You ask Danielle, does it work?

It seems like a nice product because not everyone has time to go to a nail salon. The kit comes with a gel cleanser, gel primer, color gel polish, lint free wipes, nail buffer, manicure stick, gel base, top coat and led lamp. Sounds like a dream come true.

I'm impressed.

Wendi Baldwin agreed to give the product a try. She read the directions, applied the polish and waited for it to dry. After one week her nails look pretty good.

We checked back again after one and two weeks to find four chipped nails. It appears a little gel lifted and took the polish with it.

That's where it seems to have chipped at the edges. Wendi said that you have to take your time when applying the product.

I realize now that you need to make sure that you have enough gel because the gel is what will keep it on for two weeks.

Wendi wasn't happy with the different color options, but she did appreciate how long it managed to last. She said that this is probably the longest she's worn polish in a while, and now has another option to consider the next time she needs to get her nails done.

On a scale of one to ten, I would give it a seven. It was perfect the first week and only started to chip the second week. So it seems sensational.