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Police radio tapes: Car checked just before deadly chase

We've obtained police radio tapes showing how an officer checked out Timothy Russell just before a nearly 25-minute chased that ended with Russell and a passenger killed by police.

Last November, police shot Russell and Malissa Williams with 137 shots after a chase that began with a speeding car and an officer saying he heard a shot from it.

The tapes show another officer checked the license plate of that car five minutes before the chase.  A dispatcher said it came back "clean" with no warrants.

Still, multiple sources say that officer then pulled the car over, but it took off on him.  The tapes do not reflect the actual stop, or the driver getting away.

The State Attorney General's Office is leading an investigation.  Attorney General Mike Dewine has said, part of the probe will be finding out all that happened with the driver and passenger for their entire day before the big chase.

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