Dead dogs found on Cleveland street corner

Dead dogs found on Cleveland street corner
Scene at E. 102 & Meech
Scene at E. 102 & Meech

Several dead dogs were apparently just thrown out with the trash at E. 102 & Meech.

"It is very troubling, not something I would ever do," said one Clevelander.

Officials say at least three dog carcasses were found hidden in 50 lb. dog food bags.

They were discovered by Rob Novak, a dog lover.

"It was heart breaking. I am an animal lover," said Rob Novak.

When Rob found the animals he called the authorities who became focused on health concerns.

Foaming at the mouth and discharge from its nose are possible signs that the dog was poisoned.

Cleveland police, the dog warden and Animal Protective Services are now investigating, trying to find who is responsible.

"It's not something that a normal human being would do, to discard these animals in this manner," said Novak.

The body of one of the dogs was still warm indicating they had not been there that long.

Authorities say one dog appeared to be well taken care of when it was alive but cannot make a determination on the other two.

The bodies of all three will be taken for tests to find out how what happened.

"To think somebody could do something like this is just shocking-- heartbreaking," said Novak.

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