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OVI Sentence: "I see dead people"

Judge Michael Cicconetti sentences drunk driver to view dead bodies Judge Michael Cicconetti sentences drunk driver to view dead bodies

Another unique sentence from a tough judge.

Jonathan Taras was the subject in Judge Michael Cicconetti's latest "creative justice" sentence.

Tuesday Judge Cicconetti sentenced the 27-year old to view car fatality victims, after Ohio Highway Patrol arrested him last October for driving drunk.

"I hope this really scared the hell out of you. I want you to have at least two viewings of people who died in car accidents," explains Judge Michael Cicconetti.

Tarase must be on call to view the bodies at the emergency room or Lake County Coroner's office.

The first time DUI offender was also sentenced to five days in jail, six months probation, a $600, and he can't drive for at least two weeks.

"It's a very idiotic thing to do and I am sorry," says Jonathan Tarase.

If Tarase doesn't show up to view the bodies he'll likely spend 60 days in jail.

Other unusual sentences once handed down by Judge Cicconetti: a man playing his stereo too loud was ordered to sit in the woods alone for several hours, and several years ago three men arrested for soliciting had to wear chicken costumes on a street corner.

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