State program to arm teachers flooded with applicants

State program to arm teachers flooded with applicants
Ohio teachers apply for Armed Teachers Training Program
Ohio teachers apply for Armed Teachers Training Program

(WOIO) - In the case of Sandy Hook 20 kids were shot and killed and teachers were killed trying to dive in front of those children.

"We think we owe it to those teachers to give them the tools and skills to do something besides die when they step in front of our children to defend their life," Jim Irvine, President of the Buckeye Firearm Foundation told reporter Dan DeRoos.

Irvine explained a couple weeks ago they launched the Armed Teachers Training Program. It will be free of charge, approximately $1000 value, to train them to carry weapons in school.

"When we call 911 in a school. What are we calling? We're calling police, we're calling people with guns to come solve our problem. The killing continues until they meet some resistance," according to Irvine.

In just a couple weeks time since announcing the class they've received some 900 applications. Buckeye Firearms will only be accepting 24, for this first time around.

The first class will only be for teachers and staff who already have their concealed weapons permits. With this new training there will then be extra background checks, training on marksmanship, safety and first aid.

Of course the other side of this argument is trying to keep guns out of schools all together.

Lisa Cicia is one of the local voices for the Million Mom March which is trying to curb gun violence.

"Do you really want your schools to look like prisons.  Do you want your schools to have boarded up windows and armed guards at every door?  Do you want your teacher wielding guns," questions Cicia.

The obvious question is, is it even legal in the State of Ohio for a teacher or staff to have a gun in school.

The answer, it's up to each individual school district as long as the one carrying the gun has their concealed weapons permit and has been approved by the school board.

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