Editorial: City Council - "Double Dipper"

(WOIO) - Just weeks ago, Ken Johnson resigned from his long-held city council seat. Not retiring to travel the globe or sharpen his golf game.

No, the 65 year old lawmaker quit to collect his pension and then almost immediately asked the city council to give him back his job. And, unbelievably, they did.

It's called "Double Dipping", Johnson collecting his pension while also pulling in his $74,000 a year council salary.

It's perfectly legal. It's also totally unconscionable. City council already has its share of "dead wood" without bringing back a public official bent on "milking the system."

Especially a guy like Ken Johnson who has a well-deserved reputation for missing council committee meetings and treating his city hall gig like the part-time job it already is.

The council voted 13-to-3 to reappoint Johnson---the majority probably hoping that when the time comes fellow members will reward them in a similar fashion.

The councils' action is shameless and Cleveland voters ought to howl in protest.

Write and let me know what you think. I'm Bill Applegate.

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