Editorial: Steubenville - A call for restraint

(WOIO) - It used to be, when someone mentioned the city of Steubenville, you thought of aging smokestacks along the Ohio river. Not anymore. The sleepy little town has been rocked by a rape scandal that has divided the community and is making national news.

The scandal involves two members of the town's celebrated high school football team, charged with dragging a drunken 16-year old girl from house-to-house, raping her and documenting their deplorable acts on their cell phones.

Well, this all happened back in August. But it wasn't until last week that the incident publicly exploded when Internet bloggers joined by activists began organized demonstrations claiming a cover-up by police and other town officials allegedly to protect the high school football team.

Well, just as events in Steubenville were about to careen out of control, Attorney General Mike Dewine has wisely stepped in and launched his own investigation.

Let's hope that this will ease the finger-pointing and posturing that has brought this town to a boiling point. After all, a fair trial for the accused and justice for the victim is what's really at stake.

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