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Emotions flow at murder sentencing

Deante Kidd Deante Kidd
John Johnson John Johnson
Javonte Hughes Javonte Hughes
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Plenty of yelling and crying inside a Cleveland courtroom for the sentencing of three convicted murderers.

March 14, 2012, 29-year-old Christopher Johnson was shot in the head while driving and then crashed into a home in the 2100 block of West 98th Street in Cleveland. 

Deante Kidd called Christopher Johnson his drug supplier and lured him to W. 98th for a buy.

Javonte Hodges had a beef with Johnson for shortchanging him in a previous deal so he brought a gun to W. 98th.

And John Johnson, no relation to the victim, drove a getaway car and ditched bloody clothing Hodges was wearing when he shot Chris Johnson. All three have similar backgrounds to that which Deante Kidd's lawyer described.

"Unfortunately he's really had very little in the way of adult supervision or positive role models to guide him during much of his formative years," said Defense Attorney David Grant.

But that is no excuse for killing someone and when the time came shooter Hodges attempted an explanation....

"It really was an accident. I had no intentions of hurting anyone," said Javonte Hodges.

The evidence proved otherwise.

Hodges seemed unaffected by passionate statements from Chris Johnson's mother and sister.

"You stand there with your head down. Yeah, you feel sorry cause you're going to jail and you don't know what your life is gonna be like then," said Keyana Johnson. "You didn't say anything to him you just shot him. You shot him in the back of the head where he couldn't even have a reaction to it -- dude are you serious?"

After Chris Johnson was shot in the head while driving, the car rolled into a house. The judge asked if this really was an accident why didn't any of them call an ambulance.

None of the three sentenced separately had an answer. What they do have now is time to think. Deante Kidd was sentenced to 11 years in prison. John Johnson received 14 years. The gunman, Javonte Hodges was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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