Man in Summit County jail; wanted for murder and rapes - Cleveland 19 News Cleveland, OH

Police apprehend suspect wanted for murder and multiple rapes


We've learned Cleveland Police have a huge break in the search for a serial rapist--a manhunt dating back to 1996.

DNA test results now come back to a man sitting in the Summit County Jail for another sex assault.

Again and again, Cleveland Police put out a sketch of a man with a scar on his face. Detectives had little else to go on.

Now investigators have tied one suspect to multiple cases on Cleveland's southeast side. The cases include raping and shooting and wounding a woman in 1996, raping and killing a woman in 1997, and carrying out another rape in 2010.

And police believe the same guy has done much more.

In fact, we've learned the man just recently got arrested in Summit County for a rape.

Now Cleveland Police sex crimes investigators are doing more DNA testing to make absolutely sure their suspect is the right guy.

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