Violence in Cleveland city schools

Violence in Cleveland city schools
John Adams school fight caught on tape
John Adams school fight caught on tape

Chaos in the cafeteria!

Out of control students in an all out brawl.

Troubling video is raising the question, are the Cleveland schools doing enough to diffuse violence in the hallways?

19 Action News was shown some video, which was taped about a month or so ago. The video shows about 20 students, mostly girls mixing it up.

To school security expert Ken Trump there is more to see because of what the girls are wearing.

"When you see a group like that with the same color clothing in this case red shirts -- it's a red flag that there's a bigger gang problem," said school security expert Ken Trump.

More video from John Adams appears planned and was posted on line.

In another example a teacher approaches a fight but the teacher seems more concerned that a student is taking video with a phone than the fight.

All of this happened very close to Mr. Jahaad, a former school resource officer. He's seen the problem up close.

Mr. Jahaad showed 19 Action News tweets from a student repeatedly threatening violence even saying he has anger issues. He says when he brought it to the administration he was told to follow protocol.

"I'll learn how to follow protocol. I reached out to 19 Action News, that's why you're sitting here," said Mr. Jahaad.

Physical violence isn't the only problem hindering learning at John Adams. We're told that fire alarms are pulled constantly. Three times this Wednesday and 23 times this school year. Another unwanted disruption.

Adams is the home of the rebels and also the home of a rebellion it appears.

We forwarded a copy of the cafeteria melee to Cleveland Schools officials and so far have not gotten a response.

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