Puppy left in box on busy Brimfield highway

Puppy left in box on busy Brimfield highway

BRIMFIELD, OH (WOIO) - Police say an adorable puppy was left in a cardboard box on the side of a busy highway is doing great. According to Brimfield Police she is with an experienced foster family and will be going to the vet Monday to be checked out.

The puppy was found on Saturday on Tallmadge Road, near the Rootstown border.

The dog is very young and also deaf. Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver believes someone either bought the puppy or was given the puppy and after realizing the puppy is deaf, put the puppy in a box and dropped it off.

"I am not an overly-sensitive sap. Dropping a dog on the side of the road is not the crime of the century...even if the dog is very young and deaf. I will say that I can tell a person's character pretty well by seeing how they treat animals. Whoever did this lacks character, period. It was mopey behavior, " says Chief Oliver.

On Saturday, someone called police dispatch and asked if the puppy was deaf and advised they had sold or given a deaf puppy to someone. The person was mistakenly told by dispatch the puppy was not deaf. If you are that person, Chief Oliver asks you to please call them again.

"If you are the person who dropped this puppy off, I am willing to speak with you about your error in judgement....if you call us first", says Chief Oliver. "If we have to find you, the time for talking will be with a Judge."

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