Berea gun show attendance explodes

Berea gun show attendance explodes

BEREA, OH (WOIO) - Crowds appeared to come out to the Ohio Gun Knife and Military Show in Berea at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds in record numbers on Sunday.

"It's been mayhem here the last few weeks," said one vendor who wanted to remain anonymous.

Many of those that come bring rifles, pistols, antique guns and some rarer stuff too like a 50 caliber sniper rifle to sell. Show goers carry their guns inside buildings television cameras are forbidden to go.

News crews are told they have to stay outside where we're told by vendors and gun enthusiasts that people are buying up guns and ammo at record prices.

In some cases prices have tripled. Gun dealers are cashing in on the gun buying frenzy that seems to be fueled by the fear that the President and Congress are about to pass tougher gun laws.

"People sold out of stuff yesterday - three tables worth of merchandise totally gone within 4-5 hours. It's unreal the amount people are doing," said one vendor.

There's also tension in the air. Show goers make crude gestures at our crews and shout obscenities in the middle of our interviews.

Some others share their opinions on what they think is really at the root of the mass shootings we've seen in the past year.

"I believe it's how you've been raised. If you've been brought up in moral right and wrong, some type of Christian upbringing you know of right and wrong, you are not going to be committing those crimes," says Alisa Phile of Ravenna.

Mark Cante of Bellevue says video games are the problem.

"They show on the video games that you get shot five to six times with an AK 47, and you keep on going. In real life that's not true."

One thing everyone can agree on - there's no simple solution to gun violence. Overwhelming, those at the gun show wanted us to know they aren't the problem.

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