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3 men, Cunningham, Delvalle and Cunningham, sentenced for robbery

Rome Cunningham, robbery suspect at sentencing hearing Rome Cunningham, robbery suspect at sentencing hearing

Two brothers who were part of a group of men who robbed a man at gunpoint in Tremont were sent to prison Monday for their roles in the crime. 

Common Pleas Judge Kathleen Ann Sutula is sentencing three of four men, for their roles in the armed robbery of an elderly Cleveland man in September 2012.

Prosecutor say on September 24 of last year Jamahl Cunningham, 18, Hector Delvalle, 20, Rome Paris Cunningham, 23 and another man, all of Cleveland, approached 60-year-old Jack Ricchiuto.

Jamahl got eight years. He was the gunman. His brother Rome, an accomplice, was sent away for three years. Delvalle will be sentenced later today.

Prosecutors say Ricchiuto was walking on Jefferson Avenue in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood when the defendants pointed a gun at him and demanded his personal belongings.

Ricchiuto gave them his money, drivers license, credit cards, cell phone and lighter. After the robbery, Ricchiuto went to Fahrenheit Restaurant and called police. Police arrested J. Cunningham and the fourth suspect right away.

Delvalle was arrested two days later and R. P. Cunningham was arrested on September 29, 2012. 

Both Cunningham's and Delvalle are in court right now being sentenced.

Sentencing for the fourth suspect is scheduled for January 30.

Judge Kathleen Sutula meantime, rejected a request from Ricchiuto for a sentence of "restorative justice" which he described as a kind of mediation between criminals and their victims. 

She reasoned that the entire community if victimized by random crimes like this to the public needed to be protected.

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