Local health department runs out of flu shots for kids

Local health department runs out of flu shots for kids
Girl gets flu shot
Girl gets flu shot

MEDINA, OH (WOIO) - A local health department runs out of the flu shot for kids.  More than one hundred parents and kids flooded the Medina County Health Department Monday evening to fight the flu.

Jennifer Coyne and her two kids among the many in line for the special clinic, "I was getting concerned and thought it was necessary to get it this year," says Jennifer Coyne.

Coyne says she doesn't want to take any chances with 8-year old John and 13-year old Jessica. This was the first time her kids received the flu vaccination.

This season at least 20 kids have died from the flu nationwide including one here in Ohio. Health officials warning people 6-months and older to get vaccinated.

"I don't want them to get sick or be in the hospital or have to deal with any of that. I hope the flu shot keeps them healthy," Explains Coyne.

After about a 45 minutes wait, the kids head into the room to get vaccinated, "I feel a little happier that it's going to make me feel better," says John Coyne.

He received the flu mist. His sister Jessica got the shot.

"If I don't get sick it's worth sitting here," says Jessica Coyne.

After giving each other a high five followed by a thumbs up, the two siblings were out the door only to find out they were among the last group to get the shot before the Medina county health department ran out.

"We didn't expect this crowd," says Jennifer Coyne.

The Medina County Health Department says they hope to get more pediatric flu shots on Thursday. The clinic won't be getting anymore flu shots for adults this season, so you'll have to check with your doctor or pharmacy.

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