Akron is cracking down distracted driving

Akron is cracking down distracted driving

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Akron City Council is considering a texting ban that is tougher than the State law that takes effect in March.

The growing trend behind the wheel is leading to more and more serious accidents and a growing trend to ban texting.

If the Akron Council measure passes, police will be able to pull you over just for texting and it will become a primary offense.  You don't have to be doing anything else wrong to be ticketed.

But in some ways the law does target young drivers. While the fine for everyone on a first offense would be $150, a 60 day license suspension is added for young drivers. If they get caught again it's $300 and a 1 year suspension.

Council will take up the matter at its next meeting.

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