Exclusive: Teen criminals come home for the holidays

Exclusive: Teen criminals come home for the holidays

Nine teenage criminals who serve their sentences at the posh Glen Mills School just outside of Philadelphia were back in Cleveland for two weeks during the recent Holidays.

Kids who were found guilty of robbery, domestic violence, improper use of a firearm, and burglary got off a bus and got to come home for 15 days.

Investigative Reporter Scott Taylor discovered nobody at the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Justice Center thinks it's a good idea to toss GPS tracking devices on the ankles of these kids.

Scott Taylor first told us about Glen Mills in 2011.  It's more than seven hours away and costs $30,000 a kid.

Over three years judges shipped more than 40 kids to Glen Mills at a cost of $1.2 million to the County taxpayer.

While home for the holiday's the teens had to check in with their probation officer twice a day by phone.

Luckily they all made it back to Glen Mills after their Holiday break.

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