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Top county court managers allowed to double-dip -- for awhile

19 Action News has learned of special deals allowing two Cuyahoga County Probation Managers to double-dip for up to a year.

Chief Probation Officer Vince Holland and Probation Manager Dan Peterca retired in December, and the administrative judge has hired them back at salaries of more than $90,000.

Both men say they retired to collect some benefits they would've lost due to a sudden change in the law and they've come back only until the court finds their replacements.

Until then, they will collect pensions and salaries. We've seen taxpayers protest over double dipping.

"I don't think it's a story. We're comfortable. It's a not retire-rehire," said Chief Judge Nancy Fuerst. 

She stressed this can't go on for more than a year.

But we asked, can no one else in the county keep the department running until new managers are found?

This could go on for months and months.

The court says the jobs will be posted locally and nationally.

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