NE Ohio teacher accused in nearly one dozen sexual abuse cases

11 victims speak of sex abuse at JFK High School in the late '80s
Franciscan Brother Stephen P. Baker
Franciscan Brother Stephen P. Baker

WARREN, OH (WOIO) - More shocking allegations of sexual abuse at a local school.

A news conference Wednesday exposed a former northeast Ohio teacher accused in nearly one dozen sexual abuse cases.

Franciscan Brother Stephen P. Baker, a former athletic coach, trainer and teacher at John F. Kennedy Catholic High School in Warren, is accused of abusing at least 11 JFK students between 1986-1990.

Two former students came forward in anonymity after cash settlements. They claim Baker sexually abused them multiple times.

Because of his coaching duties and like some other recent cases Brother Baker had free access to the boys in the school locker room. Access it's alleged he took advantage of.

"No matter what happened to you he'd take you into the training room, a closed, taped training room where nobody could see in," said victim #1.

"After the first one or two times you other than dire circumstances you learned not to go in there," said the second victim.

Both say even injured players would avoid injury treatment to avoid Baker. The Diocese of Youngstown says it only learned of the abuse in 2009 when negotiations with the men began.

"We never went to anybody. It was a common joke among the athletes who went to the training room," stated victim #1.

Baker was contacted in Pennsylvania and said he was dumbfounded by the claim, but never said he didn't do it.

The payout's were in the high 5 figures for the 11. One case could go to criminal court.

The New Jersey-based Road to Recovery Center conducted Wednesday's news conference.

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