Mayfield Heights Mayor Greg Costabile under investigation, steps down

Mayfield Heights Mayor Greg Costabile under investigation, steps down
Mayfield Heights Mayor Greg Costabile
Mayfield Heights Mayor Greg Costabile

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Mayfield Heights Mayor Greg Costabile announced Wednesday that he will step down from his office on February 1 to devote more time to family matters and his law practice.

"As rewarding as my service to the City of Mayfield Heights has been, it is time that I refocus my time and energies on other aspects of my life," Mr. Costabile said. "This has been a very difficult decision. My children are growing up quickly and I do not wish to miss out on opportunities with them and my wife that I will not be able to replace. My wife and I have had countless conversations about this decision and agree this is the best course for our family."

Meantime, the mayor's resignation comes on the heels of a criminal investigation. City Law Director Leonard Carr the Ohio Ethics Commission and the county Prosecutors office have been jointly investigating Mayor Constabile for possible ethic violations for the past two years.

A Grand Jury was empanelled and more than a dozen witnesses were called to testify.

Carr says while there has been no indictment yet, a resolution is expected by the end of the month.

Mr. Costabile has served the City of Mayfield Heights as Mayor and Safety Director for seven years. He has also served as the city's first Volunteer Juvenile Magistrate, as a City Councilman, and as City Council President covering a period of nearly fifteen years.

Council President Anthony DiCicco will fill the mayor's unexpired term.

"I am honored to serve the people of Mayfield Heights and eager to start work on programs to make our community even greater," said Mr. Dicicco. "Under Greg's leadership, we have come a long way together—but there is still much to do. I'd like to thank Mayor Costabile for his hard work and sound leadership."

During his tenure as Mayor, Greg Costabile presided over significant infrastructure improvement and economic development programs for the city.

His administration maintained city services, programs and personnel without cutbacks or tax increases despite the country's severe recession.

Successful economic development initiatives included key additions to Mayfield Heights' corporate park and significant new jobs to the community. In addition, for the first time in its history, the city obtained major federal, state and local government grants totaling more than$1.5 million. Significant improvements to all recreational facilities were made as well as vast improvements to senior services and programs.

The Mayor inherited the city's worst lawsuit and was able to resolve it within months of taking office saving the city millions of dollars. He also successfully managed the Mayfield Road Project under time and under budget. The city acquired Oakville Park for one dollar and rolled out an energy-saving "green" initiative in city hall buildings.

"We could not have made the tremendous progress we have seen without the hard work of my department heads, the leadership of Council President DiCicco with City Council, and all of the city's wonderful and dedicated employees. I am very proud of my record as mayor. We have achieved many notable milestones in one of the most challenging economies in recent memory," said Mr. Costabile. "I am confident I am leaving the City of Mayfield Heights in good hands, and I am pleased the timing of my departure will provide for a seamless and orderly transition on the part of my successor. Mayfield Heights is poised for a vibrant future."

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