Carl Monday Exclusive: Food Fraud Investigation

Carl Monday Exclusive: Restaurant owner apologizes for buying food stamp card

Carl Monday busted a man for trafficking in government food cards.  Wednesday, restaurant owner Anthony Jones faced a judge.

Jones, a convicted drug dealer, was sentenced to two years probation after pleading guilty to two counts of food card trafficking.

Last spring, Monday and his investigative team went undercover to expose Jones, who then owned a popular neighborhood eatery called Stumpees.

It was there, right in front of the store, that Stumpee agrees to purchase a food card from an undercover 19 Action News food card recipient.

On hidden camera, Stumpee agrees to pay the man fifty-five dollars for the 100 dollar food card.

Monday began investigating Jones, after sources told him Jones was buying the cards, dozens of them, and using them at Sam's Club and other big box stores to purchase food and supplies for his restaurant.

Monday then tipped off the Ohio Department of Public Safety's Investigative Unit, that polices food card activity in the state.

After making their own undercover transaction, state investigators raided Stumpees and charges were filed against Jones and one of his employees.

The worker used a phony ID, and now the state has no idea who he is.

In court Wednesday, Jones apologized to Judge Jose Villanueva, saying he bought the cards mainly to help folks in the neighborhood, and said he used the money to buy supplies for his store, with some of the profits going to a non-profit organization to help young kids.

State investigators say the case remains open, with other avenues to explore, and that further charges could be leveled against Jones and others.

Jones did spend a week in jail this past week, after arriving for sentencing an hour late. The judge kept him behind bars until his rescheduled sentencing Wednesday.

Monday tried to talk to Jones outside the courtroom last week, but he refused to comment.

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