Home sales in Ohio on the rise?

Home sales in Ohio on the rise?

Ohio was one of the first to go into the housing crisis and now experts say the Buckeye State will be the first to come out on top, and that's good news especially for those looking to sell. " I was really anxious that we were going to have to sell our house at a little bit of a loss and just lick our wounds, says Mark Ingram.

Ingram and his family waited 6-months to put their home in Strongsville on the market. Now experts say the timing is just right. They're predicting "home values" could rise at least 15-percent and 'home sales" will rise more than 20-percent during the next few years nationwide. Ohio is expected to do even better. "  If we could get out the original money that we put into it is all we're expecting," explains Ingram.

Realtor Greg Erlanger with the EZ Sales Team at Keller Williams says we're in a transitioning market. He says now he's seeing multiple offers on homes, and for buyers in some areas that means fewer houses to choose from. As for sellers, Erlanger says they aren't taking as hard of a financial hit compared to the past. "Valuations are not going to go down over this next year, and I also think it's good news that it's pretty much stabilized over the last few years, and that the prediction is that home sale prices will increase," explains Erlanger.

As for Ingram, he's hoping his decision to sell pays off, and housing predictions are right on the money. " The perfect day it goes on the market on Friday and on Saturday we get an offer for the full asking price. That would be great."

Experts also tell us that it's not a good market for people looking to rent a home because there isn't a lot to choose from because more people are looking to sell.

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