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Gun owners speak out about tougher gun laws

Customers at the Stonewall Gun Shop Customers at the Stonewall Gun Shop

Northeast Ohio gun owners are speaking out against President Barack Obama asking Congress for tougher gun laws. Namely to reinstate the assault weapons ban, limit clips to 10 bullets, and require background checks on all guns sales including gun shows.

Diane Donnett owns Stonewall Limited Gun Shop in Broadview Heights."It's not going to work. there's too many of these guns already out there.It's not the gun it's the person behind the gun," explains Donnett. She's owned Stonewall for almost 20 years and has never seen it this busy.

"They're going about it the wrong way. They're literally causing a feeding frenzy. We've gone from what we would sell in a normal week we're selling in one day."

We also talked with several gun owners who are mixed about the presidents requests.

Like Anita Szilagii, "I think there needs to be regulations on mental health and I think that has to be looked into. It's not the guns that kill people it's the idiots that are behind them."

"I think any law abiding citizen should be able to have a hand gun," says Sam Ghaubrial an avid shooter. "As far as some of these other high capacity weapons, assault rifles, I'm not really sure they have a purpose."

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